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Frequently Asked Questions


- What is hiTabs?

It's a web service to save, group and share your links, bookmarks and useful online resources.

- Why you should use hiTabs?

Not to lose an important link again and can keep your bookmarks in a more organized way.

- Can I import my bookmarks from different browsers?

Yes, all you need to do is export your bookmarks and import using button on your profile page. We created step-by-step tutorial to help you export your bookmarks from the most popular browsers.


- How to create a tab?

To create a tab, you need to open an account and use button on your profile page to add a new tab, or add a tab using a shortcode.

- Can I edit a tab?

Yes, you can edit tabs created by you. Click on menu icon on top right corner of a tab, and choose Edit.

- What is the difference between private, public and group tabs?

Private tabs are not shown on your profile page. They are visible only to users who has the shortcode.

Public tabs are shown on your profile page.

Group tabs are not shown on your profile page. Users who has the shortcode can add/edit/remove links from these tabs.


- How to add links to my tabs?

Yes, you can add links to your tabs in 2 ways

  • using the top 'Add new link' line,
  • importing your bookmarks from other browsers and sources.

- Can I group my links?

Yes, you can group links in tabs. You can create as many tabs as you want.

- Can I edit my links?

Yes, you can edit links in your tabs. Hold mouse over a link and click on 'Edit'.

- Can I select multiple links to open, move or delete?

Yes, it's the same as selecting multiple files on your computer. To select multiple links use 'Ctrl' button for Windows or 'Command' for Mac.


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